My background is in Music and Audio Engineering and furniture design. I have spent over a decade composing, producing, and performing music around the world. In 2007, my engineering and creative interests began to ground itself into the act of fabrication and furniture design. Within a few short years I was commissioned to fabricate custom pieces in part of an interactive activation at MoMA (through Makeable), later receiving a Webby Award (2013). My dedicated interest in the craft and ability to constantly re-interpret design through my own personal lens led to a working relationship with the Ace Hotel (NY + LA) and design firm, Roman and Williams (NY). These relationships and commissioned work ignited my career and solidified my passion for my craft. Today, with my first public collection, KNUCKLE ON BONE (2016), released this year I continue to seek the balance in material, design, function, and movement. Much attuned to my musical background, my goal is to create pieces that put ineffable emotion into form.